Cheap and Creative Ideas for Apartment Decoration

Cheap and Creative Ideas for Apartment Decoration

Inexpensive apartment decoration does not need to be cheap and tacky. Use removable and portable options when it comes to decorating your apartments such as homemade hand-decorated rugs and wall decals. Any old cabinet knobs and handles should be replaced with pieces that are more suitable for your personal styling sense for upgrading your kitchen instantly.

Turn shelf paper or contact paper into the decorative decals to be used on your walls or for the refrigerator’s side for making your apartment a true reflection of your style, instead of previous owner’s or your landlord’s. Solid color should be used for creating big silhouette of guitar, palm tree or skyline for creating some focal point on the wall, or you can select pattern like chevrons for covering any unsightly area, like metal on ahead of some old dishwasher. The measurements or shape should be drawn on the backing material of the contact paper, and then should be cut to the size. Contact paper must be kept smooth when it is applied by you on the surface for preventing any ripples and bubbles.

Replace any old-fashioned hardware in your bathroom and kitchen of your apartments in Greenville sc. Measure what distance is there between posts present on handles for ensuring that perfectly fitting replacements are purchased by you. For your kitchen, you should select hardware that matches some appliances present in the kitchen, like mixer or blender placed on the counter, to achieve a cohesive look. Handles should be selected in unusual shapes, like toothpaste tubes having a pewter finish to go in your bathroom cabinets, starfish to have the ocean-inspired appearance, etc. Hand towels can be added that complement your theme, like towels having shell designs at their trim can be used for a beach-styled bathroom.

Your favorite pictures, sketches or posters can be hung without putting nails in the walls, using washi tape that is a decorative item and can be a perfect replacement for your conventional frame. This kind of tape offers similar stickiness as that of masking tape and holds a paper-based décor that you want to use on your apartment walls, without having to harm the wallpaper or paint on walls of your rental apartment.

It is a creative idea to turn your plain rugs into some painted enhancements to be used on the floor with the help of stamping or painting designs over them. Ensure that you select rugs that have short fibers as it may be hard to paint in detail on the long fibers. For saving some extra cash, buy some carpet remnant whose edges can then be taped off using carpet-binding tape for creating a rug of your own to go in your living room of apartments in Greenville. Look for some discount shelf from any paint store to get is-tinted paint; typically such paint is priced a little fraction of what regular paint is priced at.

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